Our mission is to enable cancer patients to benefit from the advantages of an autologous blood transfusion. We potentially can contribute to an optimized outcome of oncological surgeries reducing the side effects accompanied with allogeneic blood transfusion by developing the medical device CATUVAB® to remove cancer cells from shed blood during surgery to enabling Autologous Blood Transfusion.


Therefore, the use of our patented technology would allow the reinfusion of autologous erythrocyte concentrates collected during cancer surgeries with all its advantages for the patient.

Meet our experienced Team

Lindis Blood Care was founded by Dr. Horst Lindhofer, developer of the first trifunctional antibody initially approved in Europe, Canada and Russia, and Dr. Franzpeter Bracht, former CEO/CBO of several Life Science companies.

Dr. Franzpeter Bracht
Dr. Franzpeter BrachtFounder / Managing Director: Strategy, Finance and Business Development
1/2018 Foundation of Lindis Blood Care GmbH including seed investment (Bracht Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH)

2017 – 6/2018 COO of Celonic AG, Basel CH & Celonic Deutschland GmbH & CoKG, Heidelberg, Germany

2007 – 2017 CFO/COO of Glycotope GmbH and Affiliates

  • Developing of 3 antibodies to Phase IIb and one Glycoprotein up to Phase III
  • Responsible for finance, business development / marketing & sales and operations
  • Selling of Glycotope Biotechnology GmbH (CDMO) to Celonic AG, Basel

2007/2008 NexiGen GmbH

Foundation, financing and successful license / trade sale deal

2006 Foundation of Bracht Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (BBG)

2002 – 2006 CEO/CFO of Aplagen GmbH

  • Developing of anti PL Antibodies to clinical Phase I
  • Projects partnered with Lonza AG, Basel, CH and Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany

1997 – 2001 Kienbaum Management Consultants GmbH
Principal & Department Head Pharma & Life Sciences

1996 – 1997 Ernst & Young AG

Ph.D. (Dr. rer.nat.) at the Institute for Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Düsseldorf

Dr. Horst Lindhofer
Dr. Horst LindhoferFounder / Managing Director: Research & Development
1/2018 Foundation of Lindis Blood Care GmbH to develop a medical device

2017 Licensing agreement signed with an international partner for the development of several antibodies

2014-2016 Acquired selected assets developed by TRION Pharma

2010 “Galenus von Pergamon” Award for Removab in the category “Specialist Care”

2010 Founder of Lindis Biotech GmbH

2009 Step Award for Trion Pharma for “Product/Technology”

2009 Approval of Removab (Catumaxomab) in Europe

2002 AIO Award of the German Cancer Association, Berlin, for great contribution to tumor-biological research and development

12.1998 Co-Founder and CEO of TRION Research GmbH

05.1998 Signing of a cooperation, distribution and licensing agreement with Fresenius

03.1998 Co-Founder and CEO of TRION Pharma GmbH

1994 Recipient of the New Investigator Award at the 23rd ISEH Congress (International Society of Experimental Hematology), Minneapolis, USA for the development of a new manufacturing process of bispecific antibodies and first results in in vivo therapy

1992-1997 Research scientist at the GSF Institute for Immunology, together with the Munich University Hospital. During his tenure, Dr. Lindhofer was head of the clinical cooperation group “Bispecific Antibodies and Tumor Immunotherapy”. He started his academic work with the improvement of existing bispecific antibody approaches and laid the foundation for the development of the triomab® concept towards an innovative and modular platform technology

Dr. Lindhofer is the author of more than 50 publications, developer of numerous patents in the field of immunotherapy and has received several international awards

Ph.D. in Virology, Max-von-Pettenkofer Institute, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU), Munich

blood management
for cancer surgery

CATUVAB® – a MEDICAL DEVICE to remove cancer cells from salvaged blood

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